Research paper conclusion

To start writing a research paper conclusion, it is necessary to understand what a research paper conclusion actually is. Since this is one of the most important structural parts of research paper, you do not have to neglect it.

Conclusion in other words is a summary of the results that were obtained in the process of writing a research paper, and developed on the basis of their proposals.

This section follows immediately after the main part and before the bibliographic list (list of references). These include the following elements:

  1. Conclusions on the theoretical and practical aspects of the work that were obtained during the study.
  2. Evaluation and results of an empirical study with a description of the findings.
  3. Proposals that will eliminate the problems identified in the work, as well as a description of their practical significance and the introduction of the results of the research paper.
  4. The result of the work done (to achieve the goal and accomplish the tasks).

The length of the conclusion is usually 3-4 pages.

The conclusion is closely interrelated with the introduction, since the elements (hypothesis, goal of the task, etc.) indicated in the introduction should be reflected in the conclusion.

Now we are going to provide you with the answer for the question how to write a research paper conclusion.

First of all, even though the conclusion should be written briefly, it should be informative.

Second, do not make the conclusion cumbersome, but too meager it should not be. The best life hack to conclude is to collect all the conclusions from the sections and chapters of the thesis and slightly process them. However, this approach is quickly recognized by experienced managers.

The scientific style of presentation gives the conclusion a special state of mind; this will help introductory phrases and phrases:

  • Based on the study, we found out …
  • In conclusion, we note that …
  • In our study, we identified … ..
  • Our work leads to the conclusion that … ..
  • The practical significance of the study lies in ….

Before writing a conclusion, you should look at a couple of examples of their writing. And it is better to ask them from your manager, as there are various jobs on the net, and not always of good quality.